(From mother of 5 year old boy)

Mary Jane was initially recommended to us through a pre-school to help our son with his pronunciation of certain sounds, specifically 's'. From the outset, Mary Jane quickly built a very strong rapport with our son ensuring that not only were the sessions fun but that he really looked forward to their time together and therefore kept his enthusiasm and momentum going. The sessions were focused around 'games' so to him they always seemed like play time but underlying it all was a strong focus on correct sounding, tongue placement and pronunciation. At every stage it was fun and exciting learning, rather than a chore - which is really important for young children to keep their focus. The weekly feedback to us was excellent so that we were well equipped to provide back-up support at home and the progress he has made is a real credit to Mary Jane. I would very strongly recommend Mary Jane to anyone seeking SLT support and the weekly sessions with her will be sorely missed by our little boy. Wonderful support from a brilliant professional.

(From mother of a 4 year old girl)

My school recommended Mary Jane to us when it became apparent that my 3 year old daughter, who was attending nursery at the time, was struggling to form some of her sounds correctly. After an initial assessment we agreed a plan and started weekly sessions, some of which were done at school during school hours, and some at our home during the holidays. A few months on and we have seen an amazing improvement with my daughter now able to consistently and clearly produce all of her sounds! My daughter loved her sessions with Mary Jane, they were always full of fun and used a combination of play, storytelling, and more structured practice using repetition of phrases containing problematic sounds so that my daughter was kept interested in the tasks and did not even realise she was learning most of the time! Mary Jane ensured that both I and my daughter's teacher were kept fully informed of key practice areas and how we could support her work so that through a consistent and combined approach we could offer my daughter the support she needed to improve. I couldn't recommend Mary Jane highly enough and am extremely grateful for all her help, care and nurturing of my daughter!

(From mother of a 4 year old boy)

Mary Jane Iles has been working with our four year old son for over a year now, making excellent progress. She is an exceptionally patience and thoughtful practitioner who really understands what motivates children. She engages with our son, getting down to his level, with ease. The sessions are fun and varied, so he is never bored. Indeed she has an interactive toy range that would put Hamleys or Toys R Us to shame. Her work and approach has created a trusting relationship between them. This encourages our son to participate and stretch his learning. The positive outputs from the sessions and her belief that he can do really well, have built his confidence no end. As parents she also encourages us to carry on her work outside the planned appointments, providing us with detailed practical steps to achieve this. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Mary Jane to anyone because she does an excellent job and is totally reliable.

(Parents of boy aged 3 years)

Mary Jane has helped our son enormously. She is warm, positive and extremely professional. He really looks forward to his sessions with Mary Jane and always thoroughly enjoys them. Mary Jane is very inventive and really tailor makes the sessions so he is interested throughout. He has grown in confidence and his speech has improved dramatically. Since starting speech therapy our son has really developed an interest in words, letters and language.  Mary Jane has not only helped his speech and his communication but being able to sit in with the sessions has really helped us to understand how to apply the methods at home too. 

She creates a very fun and relaxed environment to learn in but still manages to command the room with a no nonsense approach. 

She has also been extremely diligent with follow up and giving us lots of good ideas to practice at home. We are very grateful for her care.

(Mother of girl aged 9 years)

Mary Jane Iles has helped my daughter over several years with techniques to enable her to recall word`s from her memory. I have always had feedback with recommended actions, which is followed up by myself and her teacher. My daughter has always enjoyed the sessions and I have found Mary Jane very professional.

(Father of girl aged 7 years)

My daughter, 7, thoroughly enjoys her SLT sessions with Mary Jane. The sessions are always fun and we have seen her make progress rapidly. Often the work is in the form of games and so it doesn't feel like extra 'work' at all. Mary Jane immediately made a connection with her, understood her difficulties very quickly and has helped her make progress that goes beyond speech and language issues and helps her in other subject areas. The feedback is great and she gives us simple but effective exercises and games to work on ourselves to continue the progress in between sessions. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mary Jane's services.

(Mother of girl aged 6 years)

Our daughter thinks that MJ is someone very special, and so do we. She is not just your average speech and language therapist. MJ loves what she does and it shows in the way that she works with our daughter: patient, interested, motivating, understanding and cheerful. Not always an easy task with a child that struggles to concentrate and sit still for 2 minutes. But she radiates a calmness that makes you want to hear what she has to say. MJ has been helping us for over a year and we couldn't be more happy. Our daughter looks forward to seeing MJ despite the hard work cramped into that one hour (it is hard work indeed!). And every session is followed by a lengthy feedback email from MJ with tips on how we can practice at home and at school

(Learning Support Assistant – Year 1 child)

As a learning assistant I have found Mary Jane Iles invaluable in helping the little girl I support.  She engages her every session with a varied and interesting range of games and activities. She comes prepared with a complete lesson plan and is never at a loss to engage my little girl.  I have learned valuable lessons from Mary Jane too and have been able to use things I have learned during the session during the school week.  Mary Jane is a true professional and my little girl has progressed so much during her time with her.  I would highly recommend Mary Jane.

(Year 4 class teacher)

I have found Mary Jane’s support of the little girl I teach invaluable. The child has made huge progress already this year and I have no doubt that a good amount of that is due to the support Mary Jane has given. The little girl really enjoys her sessions with Mary Jane and looks forward to going to them.

(Mother of boy aged 9 years)

I approached Mary-Jane after she had been recommended to me by another speech and language therapist. My son, now 9, had had ongoing difficulties articulating the ‘c/k’ sound and despite having seen a speech therapist for review every few years without any great improvement, we were a little resigned to the possibility that progress may be difficult.

After an initial assessment, Mary-Jane identified the problem and our son was given a specific exercise programme to help isolate and then blend the c/k sound into everyday words.

The results have been astounding and we are incredibly grateful to Mary-Jane for her expertise in identifying and directing us in the right direction that has ultimately led to our son achieving success in an area that had shown very little improvement in the past 5 years.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Mary-Jane without hesitation for any child with articulation difficulties, even those that have proven extremely resistant to speech and language therapy in the past.