My name is Mary Jane Iles. I work with children from aged 2 years old up to teenagers and their parents within the West Kent and East Sussex area.

For some children learning to communicate does not come easily or is an ongoing difficulty. This can happen for a number of different reasons, and can leave children and parents feeling frustrated and isolated.

2-3 children in every classroom have significant communication difficulties (Ican website) but many more have less significant problems that still impact on their everyday ability to talk and engage with others.

Many children and young people with communication difficulties can be helped to develop their learning, enjoy school, make friends and reach their full potential. As a speech and language therapist I can offer this specialist help and also give practical advice or training to parents, carers and other professionals about how best to support youngsters with communication difficulties.

I hope you can find the information you need on this website but please feel free to contact me with any queries relating to your child's speech, language or communication needs.